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Sport and leisure

Would you like to practise Dutch? Would you like to exercise?
Are you looking for an activity for your children?
Contact Atlas.

atlas loopt


For whom?

  • You signed an integration contract with Atlas.
  • You signed an integration contract with Atlas in the past.
  • You signed an integration contract with Atlas and you are looking for activities for your children.

How to contact Atlas?

There are 3 options:

Book an appointment to visit Atlas

  • Fill in the online form.
  • Call 03 338 70 11

Please note: you must book an appointment. The Atlas offices are only open for people with an appointment.

Book an appointment for an online conversation

Send an e-mail to A staff member will contact you.

E-mail us your question


What do you need?

your identity card

Range of activities

There are activities throughout the school year. Please note that there are few activities in July and August.