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Recognition of foreign qualifications

If you hold a qualification from a country other than Belgium, you can have it validated in Belgium. With a higher education qualification that is recognized in Belgium you have a better chance of continuing your studies or finding a suitable job.

The qualification recognition procedure can be complex. Atlas can guide you through this procedure.

For whom?

Integration clients who have signed a civic integration contract with Atlas no more than 3 years ago.

Do you want to make an appointment?

Consult your programme counsellor for more information.

Please note:

Have you signed a contract with Atlas in the past 3 years and do you no longer have a programme counsellor? Contact Atlas for an appointment:

No integration contract with Atlas?

  • Did you sign a civic integration contract with another Integration and Social Integration Agency? Atlas cannot offer you assistance. Contact your counsellor in your region.
  • Do you not have a civic integration contract, are you unemployed and registered with VDAB? Go to VDAB and request an appointment at Hivset:

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  • Do you not have a civic integration contract and are you not registered with VDAB? You can apply for your qualification recognition yourself. You will find all the information on