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A school for my child

Is your child new in Belgium?
Is your child going to school in Antwerp for the first time? 
You cannot find a school or you have questions?

Atlas minderjarigen

Foto: Frederik Beyens

The Information Guide for foreign language speaking under age newcomers and their parents explains how to find a school for your child in Antwerp. The information guide exists in 12 languages.

Is your child 2.5 years old?

Your child goes to kindergarten. It is important to learn Dutch at an early stage. Beware! Would you like to enrol your child in a kindergarten? You have to do so 1.5 years in advance. Quickly come to Atlas. Atlas helps you.

Is your child 6 years old?

Your child has to go to primary school.

Is your child is between 12 and 18 years old?

Your child must go to secondary school or the OKAN-class. OKAN is Onthaalonderwijs voor Anderstalige Nieuwkomers (reception classes for foreign language speaking newcomers).