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Pathway to work

Don’t you have a job yet? During the civic integration programme you register with VDAB. You will get answers to your questions regarding employment.

Why do you need to register with VDAB?

Work is an important way to participate in society. It makes you more independent.

VDAB offers counselling to people looking for a job. VDAB also provides professional training towards employment.

You register with VDAB up to a maximum of 2 months after the date of your civic integration contract.

How can the civic integration programme help you in finding a job?

  • You get to know VDAB early in the process. The VDAB counselling helps you find good stable work in the long run.
  • During the civic integration programme you learn Dutch. This is important to find work.
  • Do you have questions about work, your degree, studying or professional trainings? Your programme counsellor refers you to the right service or organisation. In the social orientation course, you will also learn about the topic of work.