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Guidance (trajectbegeleiding)

A guidance counsellor (trajectbegeleider) is assigned to you for the duration of your integration programme (inburgeringsprogramma).


What does your guidance counsellor do?

You have several meetings with your guidance counsellor. Together, you discuss the goals you want to achieve.

Do you have questions or problems? Your guidance counsellor assists you in a language you understand well.

Do you have questions about working?

  • Your guidance counsellor refers you to the proper authority:
    • VDAB (Flemish public employment agency): VDAB provides intensive help in your search for a job.
    • Trade union: The trade union will assist you if you have a dispute with your employer. They will inform you on your rights and obligations as an employee.
    • ...
  • Did you already obtain a diploma in your country of origin? Would you like to have it validated in Belgium? Your guidance counsellor will guide you through the procedure.

Beware! Atlas will not find you a job, but they will refer you to the appropriate services and courses.

Would you like to continue studying?

  • Do you already speak some Dutch? Would you like to learn a profession? 
    An Atlas staff member guides you towards the appropriate course.
  • Would you like to study at a university college or university in Belgium?
    An Atlas staff member discusses your options with you.

Would you like to participate in society?

  • Your guidance counsellor assists you in your search for a hobby, an association or voluntary work. This way you get better acquainted with Belgian society and its population.
  • Together, you also look for a hobby for your child.